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25.4oz SILVER Cans + CUSTOM Digital Print

LIDS NOT INCLUDED  See below for artwork requirements!

Starting at $1,216.00

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Product Features

Go green while keeping your unique branding! Digitally printed cans are FULLY RECYCLABLE without the need to remove a label or sleeve. Your artwork is printed directly onto the can, not applied via secondary material. Materials used in the printing are all recyclable! It’s the best step you can take to promote a sustainable To-Go beverage option. 

Order submission information:

Please submit print ready artwork to

REPRINT ART: Reprint artwork orders will produce at the end of each month. Please have your order in on or before the 19th of the month to ensure placement in that month’s can run.

NEW ART: New art orders will be subject to a longer turnaround time for the proofing process. Proofs will be produced at the end of the month, and full orders will produce at the end of the following month.

Minimum order for digitally printed cans is 5 boxes (760 cans)

Artwork Requirements:

Artwork created with CANVA does not format correctly and will be rejected.

Must be vector file in PDF format

Volume for your Crowler is required on the label; Your label MUST read “1 Pint, 9.4 FL. OZ.” in a conspicuous location

A registered trademark symbol “®” must be used on all uses of the word “Crowler”

Alcohol warning is required by law, font size must be 2mm at minimum

Please research specific requirements for your state

Product Dimensions :

Full Pallet – 56 x 44 x 90 (inches) – 12 layers of 240 cans

Half Pallet – 56 x 44 x 60 (inches) – 6 layers of 240 cans

Box (Individual Dimensions) – 43 x 10 x 27 (inches) – 152 qty

5 Boxes (Palletized/Shipment Dimensions) – 48 x 40 x 40 (inches) – 760 qty

15 Boxes (Palletized/Shipment Dimensions) – 48 x 40 x 86 (inches) – 2280 qty